Overview about CMC Holdings INC

CMC Holdings was founded based on the global business ambition of the Founders who have many years experience in the field of investing, restructuring and developing cross-border projects. CMC was inspired by connecting a community of competent entrepreneurs in the new economic field of the millennium. CMC Holdings attaches great importance to social values and focuses on the vital core areas of this world. The Founders team are from all over the world for a lasting business goal. CMC Holdings defines a bold direction for a successful business community in the 21st century.

Development history: The newly established CMC Holdings INC aims to conduct M&A with the Company that has listed its shares on Nasdaq. Its goal is restructuring in the direction of financial technology enterprises and holding its member companies.

Human resources background: We have a team of qualified personnel, advisors, CEOs, CMOs… all of them have many years experience in restructuring, M&A, Marketing and business management industries.

Financial background: The parent company and the Founders have a strong financial foundation to ensure the operation and growth of the project in 2021 and the following years.

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