CMC Holdings INC focuses on market research, updating the latest trends. Leveraging a solid industry and financial background to develop and put into practice products services related to: Renewable Energy, Financial Technology, Crypto Real Estate and development needs other. Each of our projects responds to and serves the key aspects and trends of the times.

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Real Estate Tokenization
Name: Diasplat Scale: Global Main functions: Buying and selling, investing, depositing, brokerage. Specifically, searching for distribution agents to buy, sell,…
Name: FTX Fund (FTXF) Scale: Global Main functions: Issuing tokens, buying and selling, storing, exchanging assets. Potential: A blockchain platform…
E-commerce platform (Reverse Auctions)
Name: Onstora Scale: Global Main functions: Register for auctions, buy products with cheap price, connect to receive rewards. Potential: a…
Global payment gateway
Name: Paygate Scale: Global Main funtions: Store, pay, trade, and withdraw fiat money in countries. Potential: Payment on smart devices,…
Centralized Exchange Platform
Name: Wowicex Scale: Global Main functions: Buy, sell, trade, store, exchange and invest. Potential: Payment on smart devices, cashless, payment…
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